Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top 10 Things To Do at the Beach (Sanibel Island, Florida)

10. Relax, Relax, Relax!

Sounds kind of obvious, but grab your favorite read and catch up on your favorite novel, magazine or blog!

9. Sand Castle Building

Watching my boys under the sand, surf and sun was the best while visiting Sanibel Island, Florida. They built sand castles, dug holes and would bury themselves all day long. Luck had it that they even got to partially bury me.

8. Incredible Sunsets

While visiting the West Coast of Florida, you can catch the most incredible sunsets! Depending on where you stay on Sanibel Island, you can capture the sun at different angles and it is always so beautiful. This year my little one decided that we could try to literally catch the sun and I got to take a picture of him trying.

7. High and Low Tides

Since tide times occur at different parts of the day, it is a good idea to check the local tide times on the web before you try to catch the low and high tides at Sanibel. The low tide is especially thrilling (see #5). You can chart tides for Sanibel Island over at Sanibel Captiva Island Charts.

6. Watch Dolphins and Manatees

You can catch the dolphins and manatees eating close to the shore. This year my 9 year old was so close to the dolphins he could have almost touched them! You can view the video footage over at his blog Diary of A Traveling Kid

5. Sea Shells and Sea Creatures

We especially like looking for sea shells and sea creatures. We usually do this during low tide. This is because sea creatures are left exposed. You can find sea urchins, sand dollars, lighting welks, hermit crabs, star fish, sea shells, and all sorts of other great treasures. But follow the Sanibel Beach rule... if the creature is alive, you can't take it. This prevents the sea life from becoming extinct.

4. Suntanning!

Bringing lots of good sun lotion is a good idea for that golden, bronze tan. A sun tan lotion with a high SPF is a must since we spend the whole day by the sea shore.

3. Eat Gator

Many of the local eateries will serve gator, frog legs and local fish. Trying the local fanfare is a must. As predicted, my kids said gator tasted like chicken.

2. Kodak Moments!

Capture all those special moments by taking as many pictures as you can. We have no excuse now with decent digital cameras hoovering at around $100 and those multi-gigabyte memory cards are under $5. Not easy taking pictures, but with camera technology improving we get better at it every year. Adam Ansel look out!

1. Watching the Rain

And the #1 thing I love to do while at Sanibel Island is watching the rain. Yes, believe it or not it is so beautiful to watch it rain on Sanibel Island. It also gives us the opportunity to get out of water and go inside to play games, build puzzles or watch a movie together. The hotel we stay at every year has a great collection of movies, puzzles and games to check-out for free and the kids look forward to it.



  1. Being on the Pacific, as mom of a beachgoing family, I just LOVE this post. Those pics are beautiful. We don't have rain (that often), and we eat fish tacos instead of gator, but I was right at home and delighted reading this.

  2. Thank you. The pacific has some amazing beaches to visit too. I use to visit them every weekend growing up in Central America. We use to get up really early to watch the sea turtles lay their eggs.


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